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Detail Design
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Communities change and are redefined by each generation, the material world changes, and the cultural ecology that we have created around us exhibits our struggles with the concepts of change, of time and temporality. Questions about temporality and the enabling nature of architecture seem relevant in this project and the contradictory desire to preserve the existing while inserting new architectural interventions on the site. At the same time there is the desire for a fluid, open-ended spatial organization that can accommodate and enable the changing nature of the neighborhood – from the previous food processing and storage of bulk foods – to the current trends of sharing in the experience and social life surrounding contemporary food culture in the many new restaurants.


The design proposal presents an open-ended series of spaces that are anchored by retaining the most significant parts of the existing buildings, and including the heavy structural concrete base that cuts the site in two. The proposed building attempts to find a balance between the more solid brickwork structures of the existing and the large open volumes of the additions with framed floating roof planes and delicate curtain walls. Yet, the materials are used in a complementary fashion and with the hope that the old and new will age together and allow the passing of time to become visible as color change, landscapes mature and users take ownership. The architectural details and use of materials where greatly influenced by the work of Carlo Scarpa and assumes the same understated, yet robust qualities so evident in his architecture.

C O N C E P T U A L   D E S I G N F  R A M E W O R K